Getting Started


The base requirement is Java 11. Newer versions are also likely to work. Optional components, like particular sources, processors, or caches, may have requirements of their own.


The distribution archive bundles a sample configuration file, named Make a copy of it. The copy can be named anything, but hereafter it will be referred to as

Next, open it in a text editor and set FilesystemSource.BasicLookupStrategy.path_prefix to a folder path containing some images.


Command Line

From a command prompt, invoke the following command:

java -Dcantaloupe.config=/path/to/ -Xmx2g -jar cantaloupe-5.0.x.jar
java -Dcantaloupe.config=C:\path\to\ -Xmx2g -jar cantaloupe-5.0.x.jar

Assuming you have an image named image.tif, try accessing:

The -Xmx2g argument tells the JVM that it can use a maximum of 2 GB of heap space, which should be plenty for evaluation, but maybe not for production—see Memory Considerations.


There is currently no official Docker image. Docker is used to run the tests in continuous integration, so the Dockerfiles for those could be a helpful starting point.


Before deploying to production, see Deployment & Tuning.