This version of the manual refers to an earlier version of the software.

Remote Management

Control Panel

The Control Panel is a web-based administrative interface with monitoring and configuration capabilities. It is disabled by default. To enable it, set admin.enabled to true and set a password in admin.password. Then, navigate to /admin in a web browser and log in with that password and a username of "admin."


The REST API exposes a set of administrative actions. It is disabled by default, but can be enabled by setting the endpoint.api.enabled configuration option to true.

All API methods require HTTP Basic authentication. Credentials are set in endpoint.api.username and endpoint.api.secret.

Action HTTP Method URI Request Content-Type(s) Description
Retrieve the configuration GET /configuration application/json
Update the configuration PUT /configuration application/json Updates the configuration with keys provided in the request body. (It is not necessary to supply all keys; only the ones to change.).
Purge an image from the cache DELETE /cache/:identifier * Purges all images corresponding to the given identifier from the cache.